5-day residential for girls, age 14+ and their mothers

Your daughter will undergo the greatest changes of her life during her adolescence.

Her teen years will be full of exploration, stretching boundaries and self-discovery. For centuries, many cultures have marked this transformative time, knowing how crucial a rite of passage is in growing whole, healthy, adult members of society. The opportunity to access inner resources of strength and self-understanding are pivotal to navigating this threshold in a healthy way. As is the support of a community that can recognise and help celebrate their gifts.

These are the 3 stages of a rite:

1. Separation

From everyday life. Time to reflect on the childhood phase and make space for the changes unfolding.

2. Transition/Initiation

Involves a physical challenge. Allows one to engage with their own skills, limits and boundaries. From here, new levels of self-awareness emerge.

3. Integration and Return

The wider community celebrates the young persons discoveries. From this point they are acknowledged as more adult members of society where roles and relationships can change and grow.

Using nature connection, story telling, physical challenges, games, ceremony and creative arts, Tides rites incorporate all 3 stages in a contemporary way. With this approach, your daughter can access essential tools for the same fundamental, emotional and psychological shift - that of child to young adult.

As parents or guardians your engagement and support in the rite is crucial to the level of significance it has. Mums, your role will weave in, out and alongside your daughter’s throughout the week. Dads, you are encouraged, where possible, to be present on the first and last day of the rite.

Investment:  $1400

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