A Tides rite of passage community is made up of girls and women that span many age groups – the youngest 13 and the eldest 60+. This intergenerational style provides a diverse range of life experience.


Core Members

Each Tides event has a group of carefully considered women to lead the girls through their rites of passage. This team consists of 2 experienced directors, several trained women in their 20’s – 40’s, trainee facilitators, and up to 9 young leaders. Tides also acknowledges the importance of elders or senior facilitators who are in their 50’s and 60’s.

New Girls

To attend a Tides rite of passage a girl must be be at least 13 and no older than 16. We welcome girls from all over New Zealand and furthur afield. Tides does not have any religious affiliations or bias and gladly receives all walks of life taking into account the diverse array of family situations.

Young Leaders

Once a girl has completed her Tides rite of passage she may be invited to return as a young leader in support of the new girls. This adds to the experience of Tides, providing the opportunity for increased responsibility, personal growth, service and leadership.

Mums / Parents

Tides is primarily for the girls yet all those close to them are affected, directly or indirectly. It is important that family members understand and support what is happening. In this way the lives of all involved are positively affected. A girl’s rite of passage is more powerful if her mother or other significant woman is present for the whole event. We also invite family and friends to offer support at the beginning and end ceremonies.

Trainee Women

All trainee women who are interested in being part of the Tides team at events, must go through a 2 step training. The first is to complete a Tides training weekend, the second is to participate in a Tides rites of passage. From there your role is as a volunteer and with continued involvement your experience, skill and responsibilities at Tides will increase.

Tides Team


Gabby Hollis

I am a keen dancer with a degree in performing arts and along with my husband have taught children music and movement throughout New Zealand. I now enjoy being mum to our four year old daughter, growing food and being in nature.

I have been with Tides since 2005 and have directed since 2007. I am inspired by the young people attending our programs and consider it a gift to witness their change and growth.


Suzi Jessie

My names Suzi, I'm a mother of five and grandmother of four moving into the 2nd half of my life. For the past 15 years I've been involved with facilitating women's and gender programmes. This has culminated in my involvement with Tides since the first rites of passage programme 6 years ago. I have attended most of the programmes and have been one of the directors for the last four years.

Having experienced confusion and uncertainty during my teenage years I'm passionate about creating healthy environments from which our teenagers can grow into aware, caring adults. Growing my own food, walking, dancing and being a grand parent are some of the things that bring me great joy.


araLyn Doiron

I am an artist, performer and facilitator who is passionate about helping others to know themselves and recognize their gifts.

I arrived in New Zealand with my husband from the U.S. in 2007. Instantly, I was attracted to the Tides program for the healthy growth and fun it offers girls and young women -- something sorely lacking in my own adolescence. It is a privilege to be a part of Tides and contributing to a better life. I started as a home group leader and now facilitate and am a member of the Tides Trust.

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