The Experience

A Tides Rite of Passage involves camping for 4 nights and 5 days with a full program of outdoor adventure, creative arts and experiential learning. The foundation of our time together is about encouraging a sense of community, personal empowerment, and leadership development. Games, talking, mystery, fun, friendship and ritual are all part of Tides. Looking at the inner and outer changes taking place during adolesence Tides is a celebration of the transition from girl to woman.



Tides is primarily for 13 – 16 year old girls and their mothers or caregiver. A maximum of nine new girls attend each rite of passage event and a team of up twenty other women support the process. Learn more about the people involved with Tides.


All Tides events take place at the Tui Events Park on the edge of the Abel Tasman in Wainui Bay.


The Tui Events Park is a fully functional facility. Organically shaped structures provide the space for creativity, dance and learning with the benefit of being close to the outdoors and or cosy and warm inside. A series of Tipi are set up for shared sleeping and an exceptional bathroom facility houses a stunning tub and plenty of hot showers!


All women who are interested in being part of the Tides team at events, must go through a 2 step training. The first is to complete a Tides training weekend, the second is to participate in a Tides rites of passage. From there your role is as a volunteer and with continued involvement your experience, skill and responsibilities at Tides will increase.

Find more answers about being a trainee women in our answers or contact us .

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is a new weekend event for 9-11 year old girls and their mothers. Open fires, starry skies, having fun, doing craft, sharing stories, camping together and meeting other girls and mums. This is treasured and focused time together to celebrate your relationship and revel in the delight of your daughter - a girl on the threshold of unfolding…

Upcoming Tides Events