Tides helps young women to:

  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop a healthy acceptance of body
  • Listen to their intuition
  • Take responsibility for themselves
  • Build healthy peer relationships
  • Learn confident communication and social skills
  • Have a healthy and appropriate path to womanhood
  • Create stronger relationships with family and community

What is Tides?

Tides is part of the Rites of Passage Foundation charitable trust. We provide contemporary rites of passage events for girls becoming young women. Learn about the purpose of Tides .

What is a Rites of Passage?

Rites of passage mark the transition from one life stage to another. Throughout a person’s life there can be many rites of passage eg. birth and marriage. Tides focuses on the important transition from girlhood into womanhood.

The Tides rites of passage provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and honour the changes taking place as a girl is entering womanhood. Learn about the Tides rites of passage experience .

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Tides run Rites of Passage events three times a year in the first week of the April and September school holidays as well as in the second to last week of the summer school holidays. We also run two training weekends for women who are interested in being part of the Tides team and assisting in the running of our program. Learn about Tides events - the experience, location, pricing and facilities .


The strength of Tides comes from the participants. Learn about Tides participants and organisers .






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