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    Rites of passage (ROP) mark the transition from one life stage to another. Throughout a person’s life there can be many rites of passage eg. birth, marriage, becoming a parent. ROPF focuses on the important transition from childhood into adulthood. Rites of passage can be thought of as symbolic points of transition where young people are involved in a social ritual that marks the end of childhood and the beginning of fresh responsibilities and status in the adult world.

    Tides and Tracks provide a unique opportunity to celebrate and honour the changes taking place as girls and boys are entering adulthood.


    Initiation through ritual is an ancient concept that many cultures globally still celebrate. Ritual can be anything from birthdays to mid winter swims. In its simplest format a rite of passage involves a separation (from the old), a challenge (or initiation), and a return (to the wider community).


    The time of adolescence can be one of confusion and instability. At Tides and Tracks young people have the opportunity to have their stories heard without judgement and with respect. We also undertake adventure experiences that can be challenging for some people and may require them to overcome personal barriers. We encourage young people to believe in their worth and recognise how their strengths can contribute positively to the world around them.


    As young people move towards adulthood there can be a juggle between freedom and responsibility. Tracks and Tides provide young people with the opportunity to take care of their surroundings and in this way co-create the event.


    Camping together for five days, sharing life stories, working on projects and exploring ways to increase self-awareness and confidence makes for a cohesive community. Participants come together from all over New Zealand yet the sense of connection and family is strong after only a few days. Arriving as strangers, by the end of the week lasting friendships have been made.