Rites of Passage Foundation - Inspiring Young People

The Rites of Passage Foundation (ROPF) specialises in assisting young people to make the fundamental, emotional and psychological shift from child to young adult. Our community led camps are designed as a powerful rite of passage for boys and girls and their families. They’re also a lot of fun too!

Rites of passage are processes that mark the adolescent transition, for the participant, the family and the community, between the two life stages of childhood and adulthood. Adolescent initiation rites offer a community led journey of separation, transition and integration as a way to work meaningfully with adolescents as they move between the life stages of childhood into adulthood. In Aotearoa/New Zealand the Tracks programme provides a five day contemporary rite of passage for adolescents and, where possible, their fathers. The rite of passage is based on the assumption that adolescents need opportunities to find their voices and make meaning if they are to become more aware of who they are and where they belong.

We have a Programme for girls, called Tides, and one for boys, called Tracks.

We also offer weekend courses for any man or woman who has a personal interest in rites of passage, transition and the stages of life. These courses are the gateway to becoming more involved with the facilitation of the Tracks and Tides programmes.

ROPF is not affiliated with any particular faith or culture, but aims to provide a balanced, multi-generational community where young people can learn. We believe in supporting young people to stand tall, alive and full of hope for their and our future.


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